Tree Stump Removal

Stump removal is the final step in the removal of a tree. Depending on the use of the area there are various methods to choose from. Use of a mechanical stump grinder is the fastest and most efficient, digging with a mechanical digger s another option, digging by hand is a further option although this is not desirable but in some cases this can be the only option.

As soon as the tree is cut down to ground level, within a matter of weeks, the roots will cease to grow and shortly after will die. There are exceptions to certain tree species that develop new growth from the root system, this new growth will allow the production of carbohydrates and hormones to keep the roots alive, assessment of stumps is therefore needed. Once the stump is removed the area can be back filled with top soil to allow turf to be replaced or re-planting of shrubs or young trees.

Clearance of stumps can be carried out to a depth of 300mm below ground level. TGB Tree Care offer a stump grinding service and can also remove tree stumps even in the most difficult locations.